Repurposed Materials

Being Greenwood_logs

Hamilton Tree Service  is committed to decreasing our carbon footprint, providing our community with quality recycled materials, and not wasting our local resources. Hamilton works closely with local companies to ensure that all of the material is recycled and reused.



Hamilton’s sister company, ECOMULCH was created in 2006 by Heather Hamilton, Grant’s wife. ECOMULCH grinds, naturally colors and screens tree debris to create local and sustainable mulches. Unlike commodity mulches,ECOMULCH uses non toxic coloring, is nutrient dense and doesn’t require trucking from out of state. Not only is it good for your garden it is good for your local economy and environment.

Any plant or tree material that is not suitable for milling or mulch is brought to the co-generation plant in Sacramento to be used as a green fuel source.

We recycle or re-purpose 100% of our tree materials.

Hamilton takes all viable logs, suitable for reuse to our neighborhood sawyer-California Urban Lumber. Our friends at Cal Urban Lumbar will create custom milled items out of your larger logs and wood slabs- benches, mantles, molding etc. We believe it is always best to use the resources around us before we buy inferior products from a factory fed store.