Plant Health Care


There are a variety of pests and diseases that can affect the health and beauty of your trees.

Plant health care is designed to preserve your trees, keep them free of infestation or infection and prevent their demise. While prevention is always recommended we are also able to diagnose current issues and often there is a simple low cost solution.




In Northern California there are several pests that will destroy trees.If you have any Ash, Tulip, Liquid Amber, or Japanese Maple Trees then you should keep an eye out for tiny aphids.

Red Turpentine Beetles and Flat Head Alder Boars can also be damaging to Pine and Alder trees. If you see excessive sap at the base or stains and bleeding on branches you should call a tree care specialist immediately.

If you aren’t sure what is hurting your trees, we can help, call us for a free estimate today.



All of the trees in Northern California can be susceptible to devastating disease.

If you have any pear, or apple trees it is always a good idea to keep an eye out for leaf spot.

Other common diseases include Anthracnose and Phytopthora (root rot) which can affect Oak, Sycamore, Chinese Elm and a variety of other trees.

SOD, Sudden Oak Death is an often times fatal disease, but we can treat it in early stages and we are certified to remove and transport trees with this issue.


Treatment Options

Luckily there are options if one of your trees is infested or disease ridden.

We try to avoid broadcast spraying because it can affect surrounding plants negatively, as well as decrease air quality. We only us this method when absolutely necessary and with the appropriate level of precaution.

Other treatment options include Systemic/Soil Drench Applications, Micro/Macro Trunk Injections, and Trunk/Stem Spray Applications.

We will find the right treatment for your trees.